OPPIIN driving school

In OppiIN driving schools we pay close attention to a responsible and

proactive way of thinking in traffic.

Our own vehicles, from mopeds to heavy trucks, guarantees flexibility and uncomplicatedness.

The core values of our company are safety in all matters, knowing the vehicle, positive attitude and

economical behaviour in traffic.

OppiIN driving school aims to educate learner drivers by offering well trained professionals to teach and by

providing tools to build confidence in traffic.

Locations: Hämeenlinna, Hyvinkää, Lammi, Riihimäki, Tervakoski and Turenki

OPPIIN Professional trainings

In OppiIN we provide all the trainings for heavy traffic as well as all necessary safety card training.

All of our training programmes are held with a high level of professionalism and flexibility.

The training we offer contains all professional and safety training programmes in the EU-directives.

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